Be part of perhaps the most historical run that virtually takes place in Greece/Hellas.

Virtually you will start from the birthplace of Alexander the Great in the Pella of Macedonia region in Greece. Virtually you will follow his most important path to get to co Capital of the Country Thessaloniki.

All virtual on your own pace, you set the time you set the days.

All virtual, and then receive this magnificent medal of Alexander the Great. Be part of his history!

Your life! There is always a path for you. Sometimes a marathon, sometimes a simple walk from point A to point B.
Distance doesn’t matter! Smooth pavement or potholes….
It doesn’t matter! Run! or walk ……. Hop, skip, or dance towards your goal.
You’re a winner!
Make it to the “finish line” – at your own pace – and get the collectible authentic Medal of “Alexander the Great”

IMAGINE if you can do the undoable if you can surprise yourself and your loved ones!

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Join the Alexander the Great Virtual Marathon

Be part of history!